Vibrant Partner Colin Watson – CRCNA

April 21, 2022

Renewal is important to our congregations. Not only now. I think it will continue to be important to our congregations.

We live in an environment where are context is changing by the minute, regardless of the community in which that church is planted.

There are so many changes taking place all around that just being missional, just being engaging with that community, can be different from one year to the next, from one month to the next.

The questions that church leadership have to keep asking themselves is how are we being most faithful to God, but also relevant to those hearing the message. And so,  different approaches are going to be necessary at different times. And it’s also good for church leadership to have an opportunity to engage and learn from other people.

How can church leadership do that in a way that doesn’t involve my constantly trying to connect with a thousand churches There are some experts who can bring that learning into the space and be relevant to churches. So, getting renewal on an ongoing basis, I think is important for all churches.

By supporting Vibrant Congregations, you’re supporting the ability of pretty much every church in two denominations (CRC, RCA) and perhaps even beyond to have access to renewal, to have access to a new way of thinking about ministry.

Colin Watson