Trust: 4×4 Leadership Essentials

January 1, 2021

People who trust each other make things happen. Trust means that I accept your ideas for fresh steps in ministry and mission without suspicion. Trust says that I know you want the best for our congregation and God’s kingdom. Trust knows that you’re a person of integrity in every and all situations.

Warren Buffet writes, “I look for three things in hiring people. The first is personal integrity, the second is intelligence, and the third is a high energy level. But, if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.”

Pastors who lead fresh steps in ministry and mission need to be trustworthy. Trustworthiness comes from two things: character and competence.

Character is about the kind of person I am.

  • Do I keep my word, even in the small things?
  • Can people rely on me?
  • Am I considered a person of integrity, i.e., do I walk the talk?
  • Do people trust my motives and my agenda?
  • Am I a person who is striving to be like Jesus?

We build trust through the life that we live both on and off the platform.

Competence, on the other hand, is about my skills.

  • Do people recognize skills in me to get the job done?
  • Can I wisely apply God’s word to discern our ministry and mission?
  • Do I have a trusted track record of accomplishing what I set out to do?
  • Am I willing to admit that I need the help of others?
  • Can I delegate tasks to those who are better gifted than me?

When the congregation trusts the pastor because she/he displays both character and competence, then fresh steps can happen.

How is your trust level in the congregation?