It appears your congregation is walking TOWARD a season of liminal space.

We encourage you to get ready for this liminal season by watching Susan Beuamont’s church now conversation and using the attached resources.

This is also a great time to imagine where your congregation is going next through a careful listening process. Vibrant’s Salt and Light Story is designed to engage your congregation in this process.

Vibrant Resources

  • How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going

    Susan Beaumont - a Church Now Conversation | WATCH NOW

  • Leading in a Liminal Season

    Susan Beaumont’s Church Now Conversation summarized by the news staff of the CRC. | READ NOW

  • Everything Has Been Disrupted

    Missiologist David Fitch takes on a journey to seeing the disruptions of our world and how they are impacting the church’s ministry and mission. | WATCH NOW

  • Defining Reality

    One of the essential tasks of leaders is defining reality. One place they need to define this reality is how they are actually leading. How does your leadership team lead? Is it helping you move forward in ministry and mission? | READ NOW

  • All Churches are in an Interim: 3 Values for Liminal Times

    What do interim pastors have to teach pastors about leading in liminal times? Here are three values necessary to lead well. | READ NOW


Salt & Light Story

Listening to God, your community, and your congregation is crucial as your congregation walks toward a liminal space. Listening, however, is not enough; your congregation needs to discover its God-given, hope-filled next chapter.

Salt and Light Story guides your congregation in this critical moment. It does so through a thoughtful process that engages everyone, seeks the Spirit's leading, and focuses on the next chapter of your congregation's story.


As your congregation walks towards a liminal space, Vibrant Congregations invites you to walk wisely by engaging Salt and Light Story. 

  • Everyone Engaged
    SLStory listens to the voice of the congregation and local community. All congregational members are invited to engage in the process of imagining where the Spirit is leading the congregation

  • Spirit Led
    Through a time of prayer, scripture and listening the congregation discerns the leading of the Spirit together.

  • Story Focused
    The congregation writes its story of being salt and light in word, scripture, art, and song. This story is told and retold in the congregation shaping its life together.

Conversation with Larry - To learn more, set up a 20-minute conversation with Larry Doornbos, Director of Vibrant Congregations.