See what some church leaders throughout North America have to say about the various renewal resources we provide.

Michelle / Alberta

The devotions and articles have been especially helpful in discerning context, (re)gaining right perspective, and missional insights for leading congregations.

Jessica / British Columbia

I feel [Vibrant Congregations] is a great resource to churches who feel they are in decline or desiring change.

Rick / Colorado

[Vibrant Congregations] helped us get a good idea of where we were as a church. It prompted good conversation. I also read the devotionals regularly. And I hit about a 1/4 of the Church Now Conversations. I walk away with stuff to contemplate and act on.

Kris / Florida

A great resource for church renewal. Larry and Vibrant Congregations is my go to for helping congregations begin the journey of renewal.

Joel / Massachusetts

[Vibrant Congregations] has been helpful in framing conversations about church life cycles and discerning God's will at various points in a congregation's life.

Rod / Michigan

I love the Church Now Conversations, being able to listen to wise and faithful voices in timely ways and on timely topics. These enhance and expand my own thinking and processing of issues and experiences.

James / New York

[Vibrant Congregations] provides food for thought and ideas to help the church move forward.

Ben / Ontario

The Vibrancy Pathway helped us get oriented and identify places we could focus on in revitalizing our congregation.

Wendy / Ontario

Vibrant Congregations is helpful in connecting with other leaders and gaining new insights. The devotionals are meaningful and well-timed to give perspective to the many diverse and conflicting realities facing our denomination.

Kelly / Michigan

I really appreciated the Church Now Cafe. It was a great time to connect with other people in ministry to talk about important topics in the church right now. I felt encouraged and empowered to keep the main thing the main thing. Through all of the devotionals and resources I have felt motivated to continually surrender this work and follow the Holy Spirit's lead.

Gerry / Michigan

It was very helpful to know our congregations "age" (using the LifeCycle Assessment). From this we have been able to leverage the benefits of our "age."

Jon / Illinois

I've appreciated the Church Now Conversations that give voices in the church an opportunity to speak into our context. [The LifeCycle Assessment] was helpful to see where we are at as a congregation.

Megan / New Mexico

Thank you for a very thorough [vibrant pathway] report and for your careful insights. I feel like [our time together] allowed us to collectively take a deep breath and listen to what our hearts, minds, and experiences are telling us. It opened a door to many very important conversations. There is much to discuss and to learn!