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September 30, 2021

Four Books that Tell a Complex History

David Brooks used a phrase on PBS NewsHour that caught my attention. He spoke of the “complexifying of U.S. history.” The idea is simple: U.S. history is more complex than many of us thought or were taught. The U.S. (and Canadian) story is many-layered…
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Taking fresh steps
to a God-given,

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Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

January 10, 2023
LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES by Larry Doornbos What do you love? What does your congregation love? These are essential questions to dig into because St. Augustine

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What are You Learning?

May 4, 2022
What am I learning? This simple but complex question is one that I ask myself a lot. It began as a way of reframing hard situations, a way of calming

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The Myth of Authenticity

April 22, 2022
“One of the struggles of our secular age as people experience it is the myth of authenticity. What I mean by this is… …this overwhelming burden to be singular and

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Vibrant Partner Colin Watson – CRCNA

April 21, 2022
Renewal is important to our congregations. Not only now. I think it will continue to be important to our congregations. We live in an environment where are context is changing

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Luminex Group Partner

April 21, 2022
Vibrant Congregations interacts with a bunch of churches and a bunch of church leaders more so than we do. They have a really wide net and the ability to kind

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Healthy Church Partner

April 21, 2022
Church renewal is critical at this time because we’re facing a new reformation where the culture and the church no longer speak the same language for quite some time. And

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7 church conversations to listen for

April 19, 2022
Every congregation has conversations going. These conversations happen in council rooms, committee meetings, small groups, coffee after worship (covid permitting!), and many other places. When you listen to or take

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How to Handle Pastoral Burnout in a Covid-Plus World

April 15, 2022
This morning, a friend emailed me a message that he’s repeated often in the past two years: “Again and again, we see that the COVID experience has revealed underlying fault

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Rescuing the Gospel from The Cowboys 2

December 13, 2021
John Fowler, “Navajo Code Talker Memorial.” Copyright 2014, John Fowler. Licensed under Creative Commons. No changes made. Navajo Code Talkers were essential to the allied victory in the Pacific. They

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Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys

December 6, 2021
Photo: Is your congregation living in a strange land? My wife is a professor at a public university. In her work, she encounters many different people from many backgrounds.