Session 3 Intro: Navigating a New Phygital world by Chris DeVos

Many churches went online during this time and tried to figure out how to connect with their people via online services, Facebook Live, YouTube, all those kinds of things. And one of the things that we discovered during this whole era is that actually to become a church that’s phygital, which is a word that means physical and digital, to actually do that is more than putting our services online. There’s other things involved in that to actually become a really good outreach and building kind of tool. So that’s what we’re going to talk about, and Chris, I’m just going to turn it over to you and let you do all the introductions.

Thanks, Larry. My name is Chris DeVos. I’m one of the pastors here at Pillar and in the last session and our discussion was really fantastic, just wrestling with what is the gospel anyhow anymore? How do we really talk about that in our churches? What does it mean to be disciples and be the church, authentically and deeply, as we read about it in the New Testament? That’s something I really deeply love talking about and discussing.

Being the phygital church is not one of my great passions, however, I got roped into this 10 week learning process, I think because I was standing in a line with everyone in our church, all the other staff and I’d only been back here for a little while. When they asked for volunteers, everybody else stepped back and I was left; the only person there.

So, I signed up and participated in a group for 10 weeks to talk about how does the church wrestle with a great adaptive challenge of not being able to meet in person for a while and use digital resources, virtual resources, and physical resources.

So three of us are going to talk about that a little bit. The first is going to be [Chester Chesley Lundy], who is in Arizona, and he has worked with youth online for quite a while, trying to reach you through a ministry he’s developed with a partnership with Young Life, and now is beginning a church plant that is beginning as a digital church completely. So he’s going to share his story for 10 minutes and then Aaron’s going to talk about his work with Sunlight in Florida and I’ll tell you a little bit about Pillar. So we’re going to turn it over to Chesley at this time.

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