Before you jump into giving quick feedback, we thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of primary services we provide.

Life Cycle Assessment

This assessment helps a congregation discover where they are currently in their lifecycle. (This then leads into the Discernment Process Pathway.)

Vibrancy Pathway

Vibrant Congregation’s discernment process engages in listening to God, listening to the leadership, and listening to the congregation. Through a weekend discernment gathering, these pieces are brought together in a way that empowers the congregation to see where they are and what next steps can be most helpful to them. Critical to naming this reality is the six page Insights report that Vibrant gives to the congregation at the end of the gathering.

Church Now Conversations

One of the things that we love to do is develop leaders. Church Now Conversations does just that. We virtually bring in a leader and we ask them to tell us what they think the church needs to know right now.

Church Now Cafe

Church Now Cafe is an interactive gathering (not a conference!) that is built to stimulate life-giving conversations among church leaders on what is happening with our identities amidst all the many disruptions, and the opportunities arising with the local church now.


We provide leadership devotionals that are sent weekly via email. They are a collaborative effort with Churches Learning Change, CRC's Women's Leadership Ministry, CRC Diversity, and the RCA's Women's Transformation and Leadership.

Articles & Resources

We curate resources to empower congregations to take fresh steps in ministry and mission.


MissionInsite is a community demographic analysis for the local church. It uncovers insights about the community around you. MissionInsite helps move from data to decisions.