Over my years in ministry, these challenges shift every few years. During my early days of ministry, the challenge was attracting people to your congregation.

Somewhere in the early 2000s, it was about creating a healthy church and then a missional church.

An ever-changing and challenging


Today I see that churches are living in an ever-changing (and increasing challenging!) landscape needing to understand how cultural shifts impact the church as it faithfully lives out its ministry and mission. This new environment too often catches churches flatfooted.

As one person has said, "You came with what you thought were all the answers to the unanswered questions these 'secular' people had. But it didn't take long for you to realize that the questions weren't just unanswered; they were unasked. And they weren't questions. That is, your 'secular' neighbors aren't looking for 'answers' — You've realized that instead of nagging questions about God or the afterlife [that] there doesn't seem to be anything 'missing' from their lives — so you can't just come proclaiming the good news of a Jesus who fills their 'God-shaped hole.' (From How (not) to be Secular).

In this
we find
Walter Langley

... the church is often giving answers to questions people are no longer asking or even caring about.

In this


...it is critical that congregations choose the right door to their God-given, hope-filled future. Choosing the wrong door means doing church like it is still the late 1990s or spending resources and time on answering questions and offering resources people have no interest in.

Choosing the right door means speaking and living the good news of Jesus in ways that connect with the world as it is right now.

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Vibrant Congregations joyfully comes alongside churches to open the RIGHT door to their God-given, hope-filled future.

We have worked with many congregations over the recent past that have benefited from building a relationship with Vibrant. They have chosen their door and are experiencing that hope-filled future.

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We open this door by listening to God, the congregation, and the church's leadership. Into this listening, we add what the congregation's local community and the culture are saying and asking about life and faith.

This discernment process leads to a congregation opening their right door to take fresh steps in ministry and mission - a door that brings the good news of Jesus to the neighborhood.

Your Invited

I invite you to help congregations open the right door through your financial support of Vibrant Congregations.

Your support will make it possible for congregations to set aside the nervousness of wondering if they should choose door number one, number two, or number three and instead know they know they are choosing the right door.

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Hope-filled Future!