Dear Pastor,

Thank you for taking the 90 second survey. For starters, we have some resources for you to use.


The Foundation

The Foundation of Fresh Steps
in Ministry and Mission for God’s Glory

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Taking Fresh Steps in Ministry and Mission
as The Church

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Taking Fresh Steps in Ministry and Mission
as God's people

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Additional Resources

4X4 Leadership Essentials

What are the leadership essentials for a pastor as she/he leads a congregation in fresh steps in ministry and mission? Are there ways of leading that are non negotiable for successful fresh steps?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”
This series will explore two separate groups of essential leadership traits.

Now it's time to pray

After you have read about God's glory, The Church, and God's people the next step is to pray and meditate on Scripture.

Prayer Guide

Start a conversation.

After you have prayed it is time to gather some church leaders for a conversation.

1st Conversation

  1. Begin with naming the positive ways your congregation is carrying out ministry and mission.
  2. Ask about what people have seen as some of the congregations high points in the past 5 years.
  3. Pass out Vibrant Congregation’s brochures (available by emailing us at Walk through the brochure with the people who will meet with you.
  4. Tell about your experience with taking the 90 second survey, using the three resources above, and your personal prayer time.
  5. Encourage others to take the 90 second survey and the prayer guide.
  6. Encourage others to become more acquainted with Vibrant Congregations by visiting this website.
  7. Ask to set up a second conversation soon
  8. Thank everyone for their time and interest

2nd Conversation

  1. Begin by asking what others discerned in their time of prayer using the prayer guide.
  2. Share what you learned in your time of prayer
  3. Ask what people’s dreams and hopes are for your church’s ministry and mission
  4. Discern together if making a connection with Vibrant Congregations would be helpful for your community to dream and hope together
    1. Offer to make a direct connection with Vibrant Congregations to get questions answered or to set up a meeting with Vibrant Congregations
    2. Offer to learn more about the “Vibrancy Pathway” that churches use to discern their best way forward

Free Consultation!

As you begin this part of the journey we encourage you to connect with Vibrant Congregations for a free consultation.

This will allow you to learn as much as possible about us, what we do and how we can serve you before you take further steps.

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