Dear Church Member,

Thank you for taking the 90 second survey. For starters, we have three resources for you to use.

first resource

The Foundation

The Foundation of Fresh Steps
in Ministry and Mission for God’s Glory

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second resource


Taking Fresh Steps in Ministry and Mission
as The Church

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third resource


Taking Fresh Steps in Ministry and Mission
as God's people.

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Now it's time to pray

After you have read about God's glory, The Church, and God's people the next step is to pray and meditate on Scripture.

Prayer Guide

Start a conversation.

After you have prayed it is time to send a short note/email to your church leadership. This can prime the pump for more conversations and make the church leadership aware of resources available to them.

Compose a note/email

Below is a sample note/email to send to your leadership. Use and edit it as best fits your context.

Dear [name],

Recently I took the short survey on taking fresh steps in ministry and mission at the Vibrant Congregation’s website.

Vibrant Congregations is a collaborative work of the CRCNA and RCA that helps congregations discern the best way forward in taking fresh steps in ministry and mission.

I encourage you to take this short survey on behalf of our congregation. I believe that it will help us continue our work of pursuing God’s ministry and mission.

The survey also leads to a number of resources that include praying to hear what the Spirit says to the churches (Revelation 2-7) and building a good foundation for taking fresh steps.

Finally, if you’d like more information about Vibrant Congregations you can visit their website at The website also gives you ways to connect with Vibrant Congregations.

In Christ,
[your name]

Free Consultation!

As you begin this part of the journey we encourage you to connect with Vibrant Congregations for a free consultation.

This will allow you to learn as much as possible about us, what we do and how we can serve you before you take further steps.

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