Luminex Group Partner

April 21, 2022

Vibrant Congregations interacts with a bunch of churches and a bunch of church leaders more so than we do. They have a really wide net and the ability to kind of see what that looks like and learn from is incredibly valuable.

Luminex Group is as a ministry that comes alongside churches, church leaders, church leadership teams. One of the things that we do – that is overarching – is help churches grow into learning organizations.

Systems thinking gets away from the silver bullet – one fix fixes everything sort of mentality.

We guide churches in that journey. It takes a while. We help churches think systemically, but also to think about who they uniquely are – what makes them, them. What is the best version of who they are and how do they step into that?

Churches are going to Vibrant Congregations. That’s their first stop to find out what organization can best work with them. Vibrant Congregations has a tremendous way and a system of tapping into what these churches need.

Luminex Group  just knows if there’s a church that’s referred to us by Vibrant Congregation, it’s gonna more than likely be a good fit.

Mike Gafa