Resource 1: When Radical Change Is Needed

Late Aging is the season when despair sets in. There is no hope of recovering the past, and there seems to be no path to a hope-filled future. In this season, management is in control of the church. Restoring old programs is the focus rather than seeking a new vision. The season of late aging is a time when radical change is needed—but resisted. Leaders need wise discernment at this moment to stop listening to the NoNos. Laura Stephens-Reed gives wisdom in dealing with NoNos. Vibrant's partner Luminex Group produced a Whiteboard Wednesday that helps us see where people may try to sabotage change efforts.

Resource 2: Church Now Cafe and Conversation

The late aging part of the lifecycle is when leaders feel overwhelmed and often on the edge of burnout.

Join Chuck DeGroat at Church Now Cafe as he talks about soul care.

And join Tod Bolsinger at Church Now Conversations as he speaks about resilience in leadership.


Resource 3: Late Aging Deep Dive

Take a deeper dive into your late aging/retirement phase and see what's coming by working through George Bullard's "The Lifecycle and Stages of Congregational Development." Bullard points out how congregations identify important changes in late aging congregations; he also reveals realities you need to know.