It appears your congregation IS EXPERIENCING a season of liminal space.

Liminal seasons are seasons of listening. The importance of listening to God, to the congregation, to your leaders and to the community around you is critical. We invite you to learn more about this season through the resources below.

We also invite you into a time of listening through the Vibrancy Pathway. The Vibrancy Pathway engages in a time of prayer, listening, and community reflection as you seek a way forward.

Vibrant Resources

  • How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going

    Susan Beaumont - a Church Now Conversation | WATCH NOW

  • A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts

    St. Augustine has much to teach us about how to live in our secular age. Jamie Smith takes us on an amazing road trip with Augustine to discern how to engage our culture. | WATCH NOW

  • Leading from a Liminal Space

    Leading in a liminal space calls for a different type of leadership. Are you cultivating your best leadership in a liminal space? | READ NOW

  • What to do in Liminal Space

    Liminal spaces mean doing things differently as a congregation. What does your congregation need to do as it is in liminal space? | READ NOW

  • Is Your Church Running at the Speed of Apple

    Churches often believe they need to do more and more and more. But what if running at the speed of Apple is actually keeping your congregation from following God’s call? | READ NOW

  • Liminal Narratives

    Sometimes we just need to hear stories about people and groups in liminal spaces. The stories help us name our place. | READ NOW

  • Lament Toolkit

    Liminal spaces often call forth lament. In these space we need to lament what we’ve lost before we can move to what God has for us. | READ NOW


Vibrancy Pathway

God has a unique future for your congregation. Whether you see bright skies or clouds on the horizon Vibrancy Pathway discovers the best path into your congregation’s God-given, hope-filled future.
  • Pray Deeply
    We pray deeply using the Vibrant Hear Prayer guide to hear what the Spirit is saying to our church.

  • Identify Wisely
    We identify God’s way forward though wise conversations and helpful tools. In these conversations and through these tools we discern the congregation's heart and life, the needs of the community and world, and our best way to move forward.

  • Implement Joyfully
    We implement joyfully the Spirit’s call on our church. We assure we follow this call by establishing a plan to move forward.

Conversation with Larry - To learn more, set up a 20-minute conversation with Larry Doornbos, Director of Vibrant Congregations.