Healthy Church Partner

April 21, 2022

Church renewal is critical at this time because we’re facing a new reformation where the culture and the church no longer speak the same language for quite some time. And there’s some translating that’s needed for the church to be able to speak well into the culture and for the church to be able to understand well what the culture is talking about. Church renewal should somehow help us to do that kind of good work.

Healthy Church is a ministry for churches that are wondering what’s next – they have plateaued or maybe are in decline and are uncertain about their mission.

Healthy Church comes alongside of them through some coaching that helps them to sense what might be the next season of their life and the mission that would drive it.

I would like those who are behind Vibrant Congregations to know that Healthy Church and Vibrant Congregations are part of a larger conversation about how our church relates to our culture.

I think we’re facing some significant conversations about how our church connects with the young people of our culture, the values that they are, are living with and how the values of the kingdom might relate to those values and ministries like Vibrant Congregations help us to think that through on a congregational level, as well as is on a larger, broader, deeper level.

Dave Den Haan