It appears your congregation is ENTERING a season of liminal space.

Part of being in this season is the need to listen and discern who you are as a congregation and where God is leading you. We encourage you to check on more information about being in this place through the resources below.

We also believe that this is a wonderful time to engage Vibrant’s “Following God’s Call”. In this process you will listen to God, discover both the loves and disordered loves of your congregation and begin to imagine a way forward through the lens of loving God and loving your neighbor.

Vibrant Resources

  • How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going

    Susan Beaumont - a Church Now Conversation | WATCH NOW

  • The Call to be a Resilient Leader

    Liminal space calls for Resilient leaders. Tod teaches us how to become leaders who are formed and strengthened. | WATCH NOW

  • A Liturgy for Liminal Space

    Worship shapes us in all seasons. Here is a liturgy for our congregations as they enter in and live in liminal space. | READ NOW

  • Embracing Liminal Space

    Liminal space can be scary and off putting space. How do we embrace it rather than run from it for the good of ministry and mission? | READ NOW

  • A Sabbatical For your Church

    What happens if you take listening seriously in a liminal time? How might your congregation enter into a season of listening by being a church on Sabbatical? | READ NOW


Follow God's Call

The right navigational tools are essential as your congregation enters liminal space. The right tools can assure a way forward that leads to your God-given, hope-filled next chapter.

Following God’s call equips you with those essential tools. Three of these essential tools are

  • Joys and Loves Scan: Helps your congregation identify what you love and find joy in doing. Entering into a liminal season congregations need to identify what they love. Congregations will always tilt toward doing what they love.
  • Disordered Loves Scan: Helps your congregation discern things that keep us from moving forward in following God’s call.
  • Listening Prayer Journey: The congregation engages in a journey of prayer to listen to God.

These tools are part of a process that builds the next chapter of your congregation’s story. In this process you will also discern how you can best love God, your neighbor, one another and God’s creation.

The goal of the process is to identify God’s call on your congregation and discern the best ways to live out God’s call.

As your congregation navigates liminal space Vibrant Congregations invites you to navigate it well using Following God’s Call. For more insight into Following God’s Call set up a chat with Vibrant’s director, Larry Doornbos.

Conversation with Larry - To learn more, set up a 20-minute conversation with Larry Doornbos, Director of Vibrant Congregations.