Empower: 4X4 Leadership Essentials

Leadership essentials.

Good leaders are trustworthy, show compassion, give stability, and instill hope. Good leaders also engage and empower people in ministry and mission.

Once people are involved in living out the ministry and mission, the pastor takes the next step by supporting people in their work.

To bring this support, the pastor follows Jesus in being a servant leader. Servant leaders believe that people have an intrinsic value beyond their tangible contributions as workers. As a result, the servant-leader is deeply committed to the growth of each individual in the congregation. The servant-leader recognizes the tremendous responsibility to do everything possible to nurture spiritual growth in people as they serve. Spiritual growth is vital as people serve.

A servant leader pays attention to spiritual formation by

  • modeling a Christ-centered life & telling about it
  • growing the hearts of people
  • pursuing Christ with all they have
  • paying attention to their own heart to stay spiritually vital

Servant leaders also empower people by 

  • ensuring members are clear about the expectations of their work
  • giving opportunity for each person to do what they do best
  • providing the opportunity for people to pursue their passion in ministry or mission
  • ensuring that someone talks to them every six months about their spiritual development
  • creating communities where people are cared for and supported in their work
  • providing adequate resources and support for the work
  • cheering people on and saying, “thank you.”

One last thing a servant leader does to empower people; she/he makes sure people know why this ministry or mission is critical to the calling of the congregation. When people understand why they are doing something, it gives them strength for difficult days. 

How are you presently empowering people for ministry and mission?