Resource 1: Members Class

In "The Lifecycle and Stages of Congregational Development", George Bullard points out that it is critical to understand the congregation's identity in early growth.    

  • Who are we?
  • What are our beliefs?
  • What are our values?

This clarity needs to be owned by present members and new members. A central way to create ownership is through a new members class. Check out the resource "Ten Things to Include in a New Members Class",  then take the next step of creating the class. You may discover creating the class also brings greater clarity to you and to the entire congregation. 


Resource 2: Church Now Cafe

We never define who were are in a vacuum. What is happening all around us impacts who we are as a congregation. Join the presenters at Church Now Cafe as they talk about living and telling the gospel in a post-Covid, post-Christian world.


Resource 3: Early Growth Deep Dive

Take a deeper dive into your early growth phase and jump ahead to see what's coming by working through George Bullard's "The Lifecycle and Stages of Congregational Development." Bullard points out some of the pitfalls in the early growth phase; he also reveals realities you need to know.