Creating Greater
for Church Renewal

The genius behind Vibrant Congregations is listening and responding to congregations. Through a series of listening sessions conducted in 2018, churches asked for someone to cut through the clutter of the many renewal opportunities by having an organization that helps churches find their best path to renewal.

Vibrant Congregations
is a doorway to renewal.

Although Vibrant Congregations is not a renewal organization, we are really good at helping congregations find their best partner for renewal.

A lot of work went into developing the Vibrancy Pathway, a conversational and interactive approach involving church leadership in discovering their best partner.

To assure that leadership listens well, we provide  tools to listen to the voice of God, the voice of the congregation, and the voice of leadership.

This listening leads to a Friday/Saturday guided event where all information is gathered and reflected on.

This information leads to an Insights report and suggestions for a renewal partner.

Congregations engaging the Vibrancy Pathway find it a helpful and wonderful tool for


This way of helping congregations cut through the clutter was the reason that the RCA and CRC committed to work through Vibrant Congregations for all renewal work in the original grant request from the DeVos foundation. The executive summary of the original grant stated:

The co-leaders, steering committee, and the reformed vision team are unanimous in recommending the creation of a joint RCA/CRC unit to provide congregational renewal and transformation for both denominations.

This new capability will enhance the teamwork between ministries and ministry staff at their point of engagement with congregations. The capability will have a focus on prayerful discernment of what is needed for each congregation, on collaboration that catalyzes innovation, and will embrace the current capabilities of both denominations involved in this work.

The work of Vibrant Congregations (RPCR) was pictured as follows with a commitment to engaging Vibrant Congregations to be the front door for renewal work in both denominations.

Here is what some of our partners are saying about the need for church renewal...

Congregations also asked for a place to go for renewal resources. Vibrant Congregations' response comes in several areas...

Vibrant Congregations joyfully comes alongside churches to open the RIGHT door to their God-given, hope-filled future.

We have worked with many congregations over the recent past that have benefited from building a relationship with us. They have chosen their door and are experiencing that hope-filled future.

Creating Greater Denominational Collaboration

Creating greater collaboration in church renewal is not only about local congregations. Another goal of Vibrant Congregations is to bring collaboration between renewal efforts in the denominations and outside renewal partners.

Vibrant Congregations has pursued this informally by sharing information about work being done in renewal with partners.

Formally, Vibrant Congregations has gathered two partners round tables to discuss best renewal practices and to learn what’s next in the world of renewal.

We are also participating in the Thriving Churches Lilly Grants of both denominations.

to renewal



Vibrant Congregations is thankful to live out our calling to be a doorway to renewal in the CRC and RCA.

Looking to the future, we desire to live more deeply in this calling:

  1. To celebrate that churches always have a place they can go to when they seek renewal.
  2. To celebrate that churches have a one-stop shop space for the beginning of their renewal journey; Vibrant Congregations is not simply a website link to follow for information, but is a place where congregations can connect.
  3. To continue to find better ways to integrate Vibrant Congregations into denominational systems naming Vibrant Congregations as the primary doorway to church renewal.
  4. To represent both denominations and build connections between congregations and the denominations.  The current cutbacks in staff and services in both denominations mean congregations may feel less connected to the denomination.  They may not be able to find a pathway for renewal help.  Vibrant Congregations, representing both denominations, can build deeper denominational connections.
  5. To help the CRC and the RCA keep renewal central by being the renewal champion and voice for both denominations.
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