VIBRANT Church Now Cafe 2021S

September 13, 2021

Session 6d: Important Discoveries by Randy Weener

I represent church multiplication, which I often think of as the R and D of the church. We’re out there seeking out what’s coming and reporting back. So think of the Scouts before the wagon train, checking out what’s on the horizon coming back…
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Taking fresh steps
to a God-given,

Session 6c: Important Discoveries by Keith Reynolds

September 13, 2021
All right. Well, first of all, it’s terribly difficult to bottom line one’s thoughts and impressions about a topic as complex as this in a matter of 10 minutes. All

Session 6b: Important Discoveries by Reggie Smith

September 13, 2021
I think one of the discoveries that I’ve made over the last 18, 19 months is how much people believe that they have a growth mindset when they really have

Session 6a: Important Discoveries by Brian Phipps

September 13, 2021
So disciple making into the future was what I’ve been asked to talk about. And as was said, there’s a disciple making operating system that’s been developed over the last

Session 5c: Nurturing a Holy Imagination by Keith Doornbos

September 13, 2021
I want to end by trying to build a distinction for a minute, between holy imagination and sort of general whiteboard futuring as a whole. So what’s the difference between

Session 5b: Nurturing a Holy Imagination by Brian Keeper

September 13, 2021
What a great word about living with longing and loss and to embrace chaos in the midst of change. That takes a lot of courage. So thanks for the good

Session 5a: Nurturing a Holy Imagination by Jill VerSteeg

September 13, 2021
So it was a hot humid day in Des Moines, Iowa, back in 2007. In front of me was my oldest son, Sam, a red Lego backpack commanded the space

Session 5 Intro: Nurturing a Holy Imagination by Keith Doornbos

September 13, 2021
Well, I feel honored to have this conversation and to be able to join Jill and Brian Keepers. In a minute, I’ll introduce them. But I wonder whether you’ve heard

Session 4c: How Should We Measure Success by Tom Elenbaas

September 13, 2021
I’m not going to give you any answers, I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions probably. These are things that I’m kind of struggling with myself as I

Session 4b: How Should We Measure Success by Kris Vos

September 13, 2021
When I think about the scorecard, first thought that comes to my mind is do we need to keep score? I’m a relational guy. It’s just like, let’s just love