Engage: 4X4 Leadership Essentials

What leadership essentials exist for a pastor as she/he leads a congregation in fresh steps in ministry and mission? Are there ways of leading that are non negotiable for successful fresh steps? In previous posts, we saw that the first 4 essentials are trust, compassion, stability, and hope. In the following post, we will look at the 4 e’s of … Read More

Empower: 4X4 Leadership Essentials

Leadership essentials. Good leaders are trustworthy, show compassion, give stability, and instill hope. Good leaders also engage and empower people in ministry and mission. Once people are involved in living out the ministry and mission, the pastor takes the next step by supporting people in their work. To bring this support, the pastor follows Jesus in being a servant leader. … Read More

Equip: 4×4 Leadership Essentials

We are exploring the leadership essentials that pastors need for successfully taking their congregation into fresh steps in ministry and mission. So far, we’ve seen the first 4 essentials are trust, compassion, stability, and hope. In our last post, we saw the first of the 4e’s of leadership: engage. The second of the 4e’s is equip. Pastors engaged in fresh … Read More

Expand: 4×4 Leadership Essentials

Leaders increasingly desire people to live in the ways of God’s kingdom and to spread God’s glory into the earth. In other words, leaders long to increase the impact of the local church’s ministry and mission.  To expand the mission, leaders cultivate a missional imagination in and among their people. They grow this imagination through preaching, podcasts, blog posts, and … Read More