December 21, 2021

Child-Like Leaders?

Photo Ben White on Unsplash.con Text: Matt 18:1-5 Beloved Children By Greg Town Churches Learning Change I know very few adults who wouldn’t bristle if another called them a child or childish. It would certainly heighten my defensiveness and cause me to hear little…
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Taking fresh steps
to a God-given,

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We Need a Team

December 14, 2021
Photo: Unsplash In this series of 4 devotions, Liz shares lessons from her journey as a visionary leader called to create a Spirit-led movement that encourages, equips, and empowers women

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Rescuing the Gospel from The Cowboys 2

December 13, 2021
John Fowler, “Navajo Code Talker Memorial.” Copyright 2014, John Fowler. Licensed under Creative Commons. No changes made. Navajo Code Talkers were essential to the allied victory in the Pacific. They

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Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys

December 6, 2021
Photo: Is your congregation living in a strange land? My wife is a professor at a public university. In her work, she encounters many different people from many backgrounds.

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A Sabbatical for your Church

November 30, 2021
Photo: Unsplash A few years ago, Evergreen Ministries, the congregation I was pastoring, gave me a sabbatical. Over the summer, I enjoyed rest, reflection, and study. The reflection and study

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What are We Building: A House on a Rock

November 18, 2021
Text Matthew 7:21-27 Leaders build. They build a sanctuary in time, a community of joy, and a city on a hill (see previous devotionals). They build a community that is

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Leaders Finish Well

November 16, 2021
by Reginald Smith, Director of Diversity CRCNA In the summer of 2015, I was tired and angry at my church. I led a congregation on the southwest side of Grand

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Leaders Do Hard Things

November 16, 2021
written by Reginald Smith, Director of Diversity CRCNA Let’s admit that having conversations with people who disagree with you is really difficult and frustrating. Former Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger received

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Leaders Cultivate Meaning

November 16, 2021
written by Reginald Smith, Director of Diversity CRCNA Augustine loved being a playboy and enjoying the fruit of high living. He had a good job teaching and life appeared to

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Leaders Say Yes to Life

November 16, 2021
Written by Reginald Smith, Director of Diversity CRCNA In a recent book I read by best-selling author Bruce Feiler on navigating life changes, he suggested that the average adult might