Resource 1: How to Share God’s Vision for Your Church

There are a lot of awkward transitions in adolescence. One significant place we see this is in vision. During the adolescence stage, competing visions emerge.

The leadership needs to know the church's vision and cast that vision at least every 30 days.

Rick Warren gives insight into how and what vision needs to be cast. 


Resource 2: Church Now Cafe

The awkwardness of adolescence and the struggles can leave you feeling empty. Join the presenters at Church Now Cafe as they talk about soul care for church leaders.


Resource 3: Adolescence Deep Dive

Take a deeper dive into your adolescence phase and jump ahead to see what's coming by working through George Bullard's "The Lifecycle and Stages of Congregational Development."

Bullard reveals the places where we see the awkwardness of adolescence; he also uncovers realities you need to know.