Coming alongside congregations to discern the best path to their God-given, hope-filled future.


Vibrant Congregations sees Spirit led churches taking fresh steps in being vibrant, worshiping, disciple making, mission focused, communities of Jesus.
Empowering Congregations to take fresh steps in ministry and mission.

Vibrant Congregations walks with congregations through a discernment process (Vibrancy Pathway) that includes conversation, prayer, discernment instruments, and more conversation. The end result of this process is the church discovering its best partner(s) to take fresh steps in ministry and mission.

Why Vibrant Congregations

There are many groups that will work with your congregation to take fresh steps. The question is, “Which one will best fit our congregation?” Vibrant Congregations assists you in discerning your best partner. This makes us unique from other organizations. Using the Vibrancy Pathway we point you to the best partner who can help your congregation pursue it’s God-given, hope-filled future.

Together we:

  • prayerfully discern God’s fresh steps in ministry and mission
  • collaborate with and learn from other congregations
  • discover creative and innovative ways of being on God’s mission in the 21st century
  • build effective and mission focused leadership
  • participate in God’s mission of transforming lives and communities for God’s glory
  • plant new churches throughout the world

What is vibrant congregations

Vibrant Congregations is a joint endeavor by the RCA and CRC to assist churches in discerning the best partner organizations to connect with to take fresh steps in ministry and mission.

Vibrant Congregations serves all churches that are seeking to take fresh steps in being vibrant communities of Jesus.

Vibrant Congregations works with churches to hear God’s word’s of celebration for the congregation’s life and ministry, God’s call for change, and to hear warnings so congregations can participate fully in God’s mission.

About Larry Doornbos

Larry Doornbos is an experienced pastor, church planter, and leader. He began his ministry in Rehoboth, New Mexico. During his time, Rehoboth CRC took fresh steps in ministry and mission that refocused their life as a congregation. In 1993, Larry and a core group of seven families began EverGreen Ministries in Hudsonville, Michigan. EverGreen is an outward-facing church that serves its community and the world. Larry served Christian Reformed Home Missions (Resonate Global Mission), leading the Church Planting and Leadership Development Team. He serves as part of the planning and teaching team of the Center for Church Renewal, coaches pastors, and works with various renewal organizations. Presently he serves as Director of Vibrant Congregations, helping congregations discover their God-given, hope-filled future.

Larry is married to Linda, a professor of education at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI. Linda and Larry have two children. Gayle, a professor of theology at Dordt University in Sioux Center, IA, and Chris, a special needs young man who inspires many in their walk with Jesus.


Partner with us

NOTE: this may be a way to get additional ministries connected to VC - giving churches we work with a wide range of partners that will help them in any need they may have in growing a vibrant congregation.

Larry, what do you think? -
If you like this idea, write up a short description of the kinds of partners we look for.

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