Don't let transition times hold your congregation back.

Vibrant Congregations will come alongside your congregation empowering you to listen to God in this critical in-between time.

An excellent way to do this is by participating in Vibrant Liminal, an online survey that helps you determine if your congregation is currently experiencing a liminal phase.

Lombard CRC

"A desire to be better"

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Holland Marsh CRC

"A new outlook"

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Silver Creek RCA

"We all have blind spots"

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Third CRC

"Renewal is the process"

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Creating Greater Collaboration
for Church Renewal

Although Vibrant Congregations is not a renewal organization, we are really good at helping congregations find their best partner for renewal.

A lot of work went into developing the Vibrancy Pathway, a conversational and interactive approach involving church leadership in discovering their best partner.

To assure that leadership listens well, we provide  tools to listen to the voice of God, the voice of the congregation, and the voice of leadership.

This listening leads to a Friday/Saturday guided event where all information is gathered and reflected on.

This information leads to an Insights report and suggestions for a renewal partner.

Congregations engaging the Vibrancy Pathway find it a helpful and wonderful tool for


The genius behind Vibrant Congregations is listening and responding to congregations. Through a series of listening sessions conducted in 2018, churches asked for someone to cut through the clutter of the many renewal opportunities by having an organization that helps churches find their best path to renewal.

Here is what some of our partners are saying about the need for church renewal...

More Testimonials

Congregations also asked for a place to go for renewal resources. Vibrant Congregations' response comes in several areas...

Vibrant Congregations joyfully comes alongside churches to open the RIGHT door to their God-given, hope-filled future.

We have worked with many congregations over the recent past that have benefited from building a relationship with us. They have chosen their door and are experiencing that hope-filled future.
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