Invitation to take the first step.

Larry Doornbos, the Director of Vibrant Congregations, shares with you how we will help your church discern your next faithful, fresh step in ministry and mission.

Together we will assess where your church is currently at in its lifecycle —then invite you to discern, pray, and connect with a partner organization that fits best with your church’s unique ministry journey and that will help guide you in taking fresh steps.

We invite you to take that first step by taking Vibrant Congregations’ free lifecycle assessment.

Lombard CRC

"A desire to be better"

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Silver Creek RCA

"We all have blind spots"

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Third CRC

"Renewal is the process"

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Vibrancy Pathway

We all need to take fresh steps in ministry and mission to pursue God's unique future for our congregations. Wherever you are in your church's life, Vibrant Congregations can help you discern the best path to your congregation's God-given hope-filled future.

How it works: Vibrant Congregations walks with congregations through a discernment process, known as a vibrancy pathway. This process includes conversation, prayer, discernment instruments, and more conversation. The outcome is discovering which partner is best for each congregation as it seeks vibrant ministry.

  • Start

    Connect with us by taking a free 7 minute assessment! We’re eager to understand where your church is in the journey and what specific needs your congregation has.

  • Discern

    Engage in a few additional assessments considering your church’s specific needs, where you are in your journey, and which revitalization organizations best align with your unique situation.

  • Connect

    Collaborate in partnership with the organization best suited for your church’s journey.

  • Pray

    As a council or consistory, engage in a targeted prayer guide and prepare for the journey together, reflecting on what God reveals.

Why this pathway?

Many groups are available to work with your congregation to take fresh steps. Before this journey can begin, each church should ponder this question: "Which one will best fit our congregation?"

Vibrant Congregations assists each church in discerning its best partner, something that is unique from other organizations. Using the vibrancy pathway, our church will discover which partner can best help your congregation pursue its God-given future.

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